Mark Buddha


Dr Mark Buddha BDS NSC is a highly qualified and experienced dental practitioner who has more than 20 years of experience in the field. In that time, Dr Mark has carried out all aspects of general and cosmetic dentistry in MyClinique's Northampton clinic. In fact, he has such a good reputation that patients come from all over the country just to be treated by him.

One of Dr Mark's biggest passions is orthodontics and, in particular, the life-changing results they can produce. He's a certified Invisalign Gold Provider and has treated thousands of patients, ranging from mild cases to the extremely complex. He is also extremely well-experienced in other forms of discreet orthodontics, such as lingual braces, to provide you with multiple options for your teeth straightening requirements.

If you need dental implants in Northampton, Dr Mark is an expert in this field and has personally placed over 1,000 dental implants in his time. He's also here to help with all your emergency dental needs.

Dr Mark is also well-known in the celebrity world, as he is the go-to man for a large number of A-listers who are seeking treatment to perfect their smiles. Over the years, he has treated the likes of reality TV stars, musicians, actors, models and footballers to help them achieve the gleaming smiles we often associate with the limelight. Dr Mark himself has also been featured in the press for his incredible transformations and the ability to treat patients that have been turned away from other dentists.

MyClinique is proud to state that Dr Mark has not kept his wealth of knowledge and skillset to himself, as he has mentored many other dentists and orthodontists throughout the course of his career, as well as pushing the boundaries when it comes to innovation within dentistry.

As well as being an expert cosmetic dentist, Dr Mark is also extremely passionate about facial aesthetics and has a vast amount of experience in anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. Again, you may have seen Dr Mark featured online as he has treated many celebrities to his expert skills in non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Mark Buddha

MyClinique reviews

I had my consultation with Dr Buddha. He was by far the most professional compared to the other clinics I went to for consultations this week. His colleague Lisa was very friendly and helpful.

Sue Green

So I went to see myclinique this week for a Invisalign consultation and I was very impressed, I saw a lady called Lisa and a man called Mark, I told them what a great consultation it was because I was informed of lot's of options and were given lots of information about Invisalign that other clinics never told me before.

Natalia Marjovic

MyClinique is the best clinic in Northampton my daughter got her Invisalign here with the gentleman and I get my anti-wrinkle injections here.

Marianne Donovan

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