Christos Nikolakis


Dr Christos Nikolakis first joined MyClinique over 6 years ago, after furthering his knowledge by training throughout Europe and completing his PHD in Berlin. Dr Christos has a huge wealth of experience in orthodontics and has seen his skillset flourish over the years.

He is an expert in all types of teeth straightening treatments, including invisible braces that have a discreet and subtle appearance for those who want to avoid the metal train-tracks. Dr Christos is a certified Invisalign Gold Provider due to his exceptional knowledge and abilities to straighten crooked teeth with the clear aligners. Other forms of invisible braces that Dr Christos is an expert in include lingual braces, which are fitted to the backs of your teeth to move them in a way that no one will be able to notice.

The 98% success rate that Dr Christos has achieved is a true testament to just how well he knows his field, as he has personally carried out over 1,000 successful orthodontic cases over the course of his career. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands with Dr Christos, and will leave MyClinique clinic in Northampton confident in the treatment journey you are embarking on.

Dr Christos has spent a large amount of time sharing his knowledge and passion with aspiring orthodontists, as he has taught undergraduate students and spent time consulting other orthodontists.

Christos Nikolakis


I had my consultation with Dr Buddha. He was by far the most professional compared to the other clinics I went to for consultations this week. His colleague Lisa was very friendly and helpful.

Sue Green

So I went to see myclinique this week for a Invisalign consultation and I was very impressed, I saw a lady called Lisa and a man called Mark, I told them what a great consultation it was because I was informed of lot's of options and were given lots of information about Invisalign that other clinics never told me before.

Natalia Marjovic

MyClinique is the best clinic in Northampton my daughter got her Invisalign here with the gentleman and I get my anti-wrinkle injections here.

Marianne Donovan

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